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        Rock Haven Bible Camp is an affordable, Bible based, non-denominational, church Camp located in Northwest Arkansas near the beautiful Buffalo River. Rock Haven Bible Camp is located in a beautiful, rural area of the Ozark Mountains. It is one of the most picturesque Bible camps in this area of Arkansas. Rock Haven has been sharing Jesus with children in the Ozark Mountains since 1955. Rock Haven offers a co-ed summer camping experience, with plenty of exciting activities and opportunities. Our well-trained staff and volunteers love children and the Lord, and are here to see that your campers have a unique, once in a lifetime camping experience. Along with many outdoor activities including a large swimming pool, we also have Bible classes and worship services designed to help youth develop a better and deeper relationship with the Lord.

       Additionally, we have a Ladies Retreat, Men's Retreat, and College and Career Retreat throughout the year. Our facilities are also available to rent during the Spring and Fall months. We offer a full-service rental experience where you plan and run your camping program and we take care of the all the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance.

More on the 2023 season in the new year!